OVH GPU Server No l

On the OVH page, the GPU server is marked as “coming soon”

I talked to their sales team, and was told that the GPU option is actually not going to come back any time soon, because the demand is too low.

Anybody knows other good alternatives with comparable price?

BTW, does anybody in North America have experiences with machines hosted in Europe, e.g. France? Is the network speed acceptable?

You can get a 1060 for less than $200. I would recommend just getting your own GPU (although I would recommend the 1070 over the 1060). For two months of OVH server you can have a 1070 bought and paid for.

I’ve used the dual GTX 970 server from OVH in Europe and am very happy with it.

@dradientgescent Agreed, in the long run local ownership is preferred. If by any chance you did some research before, which model or which manufacturer do you recommend? And which site has the best price?

@jeremy thanks for sharing your experience.

I use an MSI 1070 Gamer X, it is the best performance/price you can get. If money is no object, then the Titan X is the king and the 1080 isn’t a huge improvement for the price and lack of additional ram.

If the price is an issue, the 1060 is sub $200 and would recommend MSI or EVGA, with a strong preference for MSI.

OVH has some of the best pricing but they use old generation hardware that has a lot of hours on them. I’ve never used them for GPU machines but I do have hardware in their Canada data center.

It looks like they dropped the price of the 2x1060 option to $159 and it is currently available. It’s a pretty good deal considering no one else has anything near that, but I prefer to have my own gear. If they had them with 1070’s it would be much more attractive but the price would go up probably $200 which in 4 months you would be paying over cost to own.

Good luck!