`open_mask` not showing masks for some images in v1.0.59

Edit - The problem is with the open_mask function which is generating correct masks for some images only.

I’m trying to do segmentation on a dataset that is like the cityscape dataset. The masks are given as .png file and it’s being generated for some images but not all.

Is there any way I can get the index to the files being showing by show_batch?
Please point out any possible mistake I might be doing

If you use the Validation dataset, then you can get the index of the files being used by show_batch. In case of training dataset the dataloader randomly shuffles the data, so everytime a new batch is generated. In case of validation set the order of dataset does not change.

To get the name of the files data.valid_ds.items[:32].

Thanks for the help, using a small validation set, I could narrow down the problem. It’s open_mask function that is detecting classes for some images only which doesn’t have the void class, i.e, 255.

>>>array([  0.,   1.,   2.,   3.,   4.,   5.,   6., 255.], dtype=float32)

>>>array([0., 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6.], dtype=float32)

Hi @salil_23,

Which IDE are you using over here :slight_smile:… seems nice!

Also, I am doing Cloud competition and facing an issue with mask as well… did you manage to see “all” the possible values across all your masks?

My post here.