Open_image cannot open RGB georeferenced image

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to apply the Lesson 3 Camvid code on Google Colab to my own data set. I’m using georeferenced RBG orthophoto which is cut to 256x256. When I try to open those images by using this code:

path_img = path/‘Images’
fnames = get_image_files(path_img)
img_f = fnames[1]
img = open_image(img_f)

I got the error:
OSError: cannot identify image file

The file exists and when I download the image I can normally open it in Qgis. Any ideas on how to solve this problem???
P.S. I was able to open georeferenced mask images.

What is the extension of the file?

The file extension is .tif

Sorry not sure how to check what is going on. Form my understanding tiff is supported (i haven’t used a dataset with tiff). Maybe a quick and hacky way would be to convert the images to png or jpg.
if you have photoshop:
if you could zip and share a few files(maybe 5) i wouldn’t mind giving it a shot.
From the previous FastAI sessions i found this- What to do if PIL.Image can't read my images?