OOM cuda while using hooks | Google Colab

I used hook WITHOUT removing/deleting it post training. Now when I am trying to re-run the notebooks I am getting OOM error as soon as I start training my first epoch.

Added .remove() in hooks now, but still not getting past the training. How should I free the CUDA memory? Tried resetting the runtime - which is not working! :frowning:

layers_ = flatten_model(learn.model)

class Hook():
def __init__(self, m, f): self.hook = m.register_forward_hook(partial(f, self))
def remove(self): self.hook.remove()
def __del__(self): self.remove()

def append_stats(hook, mod, inp, outp):
if not hasattr(hook,'stats'): hook.stats = ([],[],[])
means,stds, outs = hook.stats
if mod.training:
stds .append(outp.data.std())

Looks like youโ€™re trying to store all outputs in memory (outs.append(outp)), right?
My guess is that that wonโ€™t work on something like Colab (or most other instances), because these outputs are pretty huge and there will be a lot of them depending on your architecture. Just saving the mean and standard deviation should be fine.

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yeah, figured that out.