Online logging, monitoring and comparison of models with W&B


Hi everyone,

I contributed to a module which can log, monitor and easily compare different runs by adding compatibility with It uses Weights & Biases (free for public code) and only requires to add a callback to your existing code.
It’s convenient to monitor long runs on your phone and compare runs on the same graph.

I’d be happy if anyone could test it and give me any feedback before the guys from W&B post a release note.

Here is a sample project:

You can also log images and all kind of custom data. Here is an example where I used Pytorch to colorize black & white images:

Feel free if you have any questions or comments. The objective is for it to be as convenient as possible to log everything (losses, metrics, model topology, weights & gradients histogram, model file, predictions…).


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(Carey) #2

Hi Boris, this looks cool. Does it slow down the model when you’re training though? How does the logging work for saving stuff?



Hi Carey!
So far I didn’t notice anything slowing down.
You just add the callback “WandBCallback” and it will log graphs for all your metrics as well as training and validation losses. You will also be able to see all parameters and the model.
There’s a few custom options too for logging gradients, weights, any type of file (such as the trained model), or even predictions as it trains.