One more flask server example


  • I have not found fully working(install -> create -> save -> use) examples.
  • I don’t want to reuse legacy code from fastai/old/fastai for loading my new shining models :slight_smile:
  • All viewed by me existed examples have no any tests, requirements.txt/environment.yml and in common don’t looks like solid boilerplate for future experiments


  • flask as simple python server
  • connection as framework for build API server from Swagger specification. No API boilerplate + auto-generated API doc
  • attrs. Python classes without boilerplate
  • torch 1.0.0
  • fastai 1.0.24


P.S. Code formatted by black, excellent Python code formatter

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Can you please remove the link to course-v3 from your readme, and anywhere else that mentions it? Thanks!

@jeremy Done. Sorry, I seen no caveats about limiting of the the distribution of this information

fwiw I have been trying to use the course-v3 since it seems to be the closest thing where the lessons and library matchup.

also the course-v3 is on github with many inbound links and forks already. probably a little late to remove links

And you said it was an incredibly frustrating experience…
I don’t know how can be clearer than that but the v1 shouldn’t be used for the MOOC until the release in January, and the notebooks not advertised because they’re not ready yet.

Well fair, but I got to that point by being incredibly frustrated by the earlier courses not having anything reflected in teh documentation or what people are talking about.

I started doing exactly as prescribed, but I have run into endless dependency hell

@eof as you see, this boilerplate published in " fastai users" (…for help with installing and using the fastai v1 … this library is not used for any MOOC) sub-forum.
It’s just one more example for devs who far away from back-end side of Python :slight_smile: with best practices, as I understand it . If one want full service - one need to pay. But it’s open-source world :wink: You want to make world better - just write your code and make PR

run into endless dependency hell

Hmmm, which OS?

Linux, though since I dont have a gpu, so I have been mostly on paperspace and now colab

From my experience smoothest one is Ubuntu 16.04 (I need compiled from scratch cv2). I trying 18.04 and latest AWS and can’t recommend both. You need to build from sources too much. With 16.04 i have no any problems on GPU and CPU workstations

I have a noob question, do we upload/save/load the models from model folder, or can we load it from google drive folder somehow?