One Day - AI Hackathon SF - May'5th - Cancelled

Hey FastAI Friends,

The startup I am working at is hosting a one day hackathon at our Mountain View, CA office on May’5th for Fast.AI fellows to practice some of things we have learnt - Bounding Boxes, Segmentations, GANs, Style Transfer etc in a 12 Hour Hackathon. If you are in the SF Bay are and free on May’5th, please join. Would love to see some familiar faces and work together for one day.

Please feel free to ping me if you have any questions.


Awesome I signed up, see you there :smiley:

Hey All - I received a number of requests from folks that were interested to participate but had already made plans for this weekend. So after much discussion, we decided to postpone the hackathon to June/July timeframe. Hopefully that will give people enough lead time to plan and participate.

For the few that confirmed the participation - I am so sorry that we cancelled it. I hope you will join us when we do this over June / July timeframe. Will keep you posted.

Ramesh Sampath

Any way this could be made an online version too?

Totally man…we should do an Online Version…Drained from the planning and cancellation this week. Lets do it though soon.


Thanks for the update Ramesh. Look forward to joining in june/july.

Thanks Ramesh!