One cool aspect of this course that is not often brought up

We learn many more things in this course than we usually give credit for.

I tried doing the Linux course on on at least twice, but I would fall over with boredom and never learn anything. There are still many aspects of Linux I do not understand, but it was only this course that got me started to use the basics of bash scripting, etc and I now feel confident to bring the environment up that I need.

I have owned the Python for Data Analysis book for numerous years now and have read it / worked through it on a couple of occasions. But give it a month or two and everything I read goes poof. I am now working through some of the material in the fastai library - maybe this is finally the time when I will learn how to use pandas. Who knows - I might even learn how to do this whole regression tree thing :upside_down_face:

Maybe indeed we learn by doing and this course is unique in that it allows - encourages? - us to do things? Interesting, I have a young child and I see the education now moving in the direction of project based learning - of course the progress is slow and there is a lot of resistance. But hey - maybe for our kids the definition of learning will be closer to what it likely should be - hands on experimenting and internalizing knowledge as you go, where for me I still keep catching myself that I can do fairly advanced stuff and don’t perceive it as learning. I mean, if you don’t cram definitions and know every theoretical aspect of something before using it, then it is not really learning, right?


Couldn’t agree more. The learning concept at is just ingenious and makes me wonder how so many teaching bodies can adhere to the more classical academic eat-your-spinach-first approach. Admittedly, there may be some aspects in DL theory that these courses don’t put emphasis on so much, but you do get to build something useful at every step. And you can always fill in gaps later more easily if there is already some substance gained by personal experience. These are the kinds of learnings that you can carry home and which will stay with you. Blows my mind how such a natural learning whcih every child uses daily is so underrepresented elsewhere. So, @rachel and @jeremy got it right spot on.

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