On importance of writing

On importance of writing

Hola amigos!
It’s Ivan again with his quirky writing :smiling_face:

@jeremy was stating once that it’s important to have a blog and write your progress in there in one of the lectures. Agreed.

Previous blog

I’ve been having a blog that was taken down. Last post on June 2021 and it is me answering @jeremy questions. Funny that I was dedicated to write more on it but was living with my mom and didn’t have a job. We were arguing somewhat (I guess like any “normal” family do haha). TLDR I had to find a job and move out - that concluded my blog efforts until now! But until I’m going to finally release my new blog (alpha version is here - I’m going to use this platform as a way to do the blogging! Must be fun and opening up new avenues right.

What I didn’t like about it - Why it had to be new

Design. Arbitrary Gatsby theme that I didn’t like aesthetically. I didn’t change it at the time (was researching on the design and kind of being a perfectionist for no reason, at least in my head at the time). And then life happend and after all now it’s abandoned.

Commitment. Because I didn’t like it at the time I didn’t commit to it at all the way I would’ve liked it to be. However! It was a great start since I didn’t have any blog at the time - from zero to having a blog which was huge.

New design and my programming

So, I had to make a new one. And its weird in a way that while having a full-time job it took me two years to accommodate back to thinking about blogging and doing something on that front.

But now it’s not going to be just a blog. But a full app with things that are helpful to me and that I find to be cool and interesting.

Where do we go from here

It’s been a while me writing this post already. Better to keep it efficient. On that note I’m leaving off with a to-do list for the next. To pick it up from this time. It’s like a time travel. We actually travel in time guys.

What went well.

  • It’s my second post already
  • I’m putting myself out there. I consider this a huge success

What can be better.

  • More productivity
  • More commits towards my blog (now it’s kinda zero per week).

Action items.

  • Make some blog commits this week
  • Tomorrow :crossed_fingers: write a post of me reading two pages of a fast.ai book and sharing my thoughts on it

Todos stash

  • making commits
  • taking it one day at a time
  • making my own blog - struggling with over-engineering || perfecting things
  • 621 / 2 pages per day - stick to it - what will happen (remember Shawshank Redemption - main character writing a letter every day?)

Have a wonderful Now everyone,
Cheers! :beers: