Official review of some Swift numerics improvements

If you are interested in Swift numerics, it might be worth commenting on the formal review to improve the genericity of core numeric algorithms in Swift. The way the swift-evolution process works, is that ad-hoc comments are welcomed early, but need to be repeated in the formal review thread to be taken seriously.

I’m sure the review process would benefit from numerics experts that are in this forum,



I won’t have time to add comments myself, but if anyone who has a good feel for “the way” has a moment, maybe they help keep an eye over there and see if some of the things mentioned in my Swift notes are considered:

(I think it’s likely they will be anyway, since these posts were mentioned in the Evolution announcement - but it would be great to have some community members watching the process too. If you see something you think I might be particularly interested in, feel free to ping me here.)