Object Detection - SSD - fastai v2

Hello all,

Please find here my blog post about adapting the 2018 course Object Detection-SSD to fastai v2. dhblog - Object Detection - Single Shot Detector for fastai V2 using nbdev.

This is really my best experience for blogging, nbdev + quarto make the blog looks really nice!!

I tried to write it as clearly as possible with illustrations and my own intuitions. If you have any questions or suggestions, please tell me.

For example:

Thanks a lot!

p/s: I make it a separate post (and not in share your work) because thinking it is easier for folks searching for this very popular topic. Should I do it?


Can you please update the link @dhoa


Thanks, @zobair. I migrated the page to quarto so the link has changed: It is the new one as I can not edit the previous post. dhblog - Object Detection from scratch - Single Shot Detector

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