NYC study group / meetup in 2020

Hi all, I noticed there are several threads about study groups for prior iterations of the course.

I wanted to reach out if anyone is going through the course right now and would like to meet up in NYC to form a study and discussion group?

Let me know, I can take the lead on organizing a time and place if people are interested!

I would be happy to join the study group although I didn’t receive the invitation this year. I guess I should’ve have been more active on the forum :frowning:

Let me know if you need help with the space. Last year we run the study group at my company office. We now have an even larger office near Grand Central and are more than happy to host it.

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Hi Gianluca, thanks for offering to host, that’d be great! Although so far it doesn’t seem like we have anyone who wants to join :man_shrugging:. Maybe once the new 2020 version of the course goes live…

I would be interested in joining

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I would be interested in joining! I’m going to be following the 2020 videos as well.

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Let’s wait until the material for this year is released (I think it should be around June) and then check how many people would like to attend.

I too would be interested in joining, although I would suspect it will be at least a few weeks.

Yes. Let’s wait until the new course is released to the public.