Nvidia's GPU Tech Conference 2017 - thoughts? Anyone attending?

Hey Everyone!

Wondering if any of you are planning on attending the GPU Tech Conference this year? There are a ton of events on DL in a wide variety of different areas and interesting talks. I’m thinking about attending, but it’s dang expensive!

I did find a code for 25% off if you are keen on attending :wink: :

If people are going, we should definitely have a meetup!



I’ll be there. Giving a talk on pytorch neural translation. I really liked last year’s conference which is why I’m going this time. I like the idea of a meetup for folks from the course!

Last call - anyone else from the class attending?! I’ll be there, and will be attending your tutorial @jeremy!

If anyone else is around, would be nice to meetup and talk DL.



I’ve had quite a few folks from the course come up and say hi here at GTC, so there’s a pretty good turnout!

@stevelizcnao Hi Steve. If you are around, we can meet. I will be attending few finance related talks for next 1-2 hours. May be we can some coffee if you are available.

I met and greeted Jeremy. His neural translation talk was great. Jeremy is awesome.

Is there any chance @jeremy’s talk is recorded and available online now? Or, do we have to wait for a week or so!?

I believe it is online for GTC attendees.

I am not sure if it violates any code of conduct from Nvidia side or fast.ai. But I guess knowledge sharing is good, in general.


I am curious how NVIDA will price the announced NVIDIA cloud service

I hope there will be different options than time-based payment options. IMHO for DL model building/selection, which is highly interactive, time-based payment is not very attractive. Perhaps they’ll have an understanding?

Also curious about the new Volta GPU architecture