NVIDIA GTC 2020 is now Digital

NVIDIA’s GPU tech conference is going digital and it’s now free to participate. Also fast.ai will be featuring in this talk.

“Accelerating Tabular Deep Learning Workflows with RAPIDS, PyTorch, and Fast.ai [S21651]”

If interested you can register here


Ah, @Even! I was wondering who would give that talk :wink:

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Yeah! Super excited to share the work we did at RecSys last year and tease some of the new work we’ve been doing for tabular datasets.


Do you know if it (the talk) will be published online somewhere after the fact?

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@jamesd Hey! Check this out. :point_up:

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Thanks for letting me know Ben, this looks great!

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Yeah, the talk will be available online afterwards as well.

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This is awesome,good luck @Even,
Do you know other conferences that will be totally free and online in this period?

Thank You, I will watch it, and I hope there will be a new GPU that is specially for deep learning. It will be low cost but run very fast for model training rather than Gaming. I believe the future for GPU will not be gaming at all.

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