Nvidia gpu

I have been looking through the fast.ai forums and have been trying to setup my own DL rig. However, it seems as if most of them require a desktop computer with a GPU already installed. I currently have a 2015 Macbook Pro with no GPU and also a windows 10 laptop with no GPU. Can someone direct me to some possible forums or tutorials that can tell me how to make a DL rig from either of these computers?


To be able comfortably compute DL you need Nvidia GPU able to run CUDA. The easiest way is to rent it (paperspace or Amazon) or build up new PC dedicated for that. If you really want to use computers you have already you might try this: Quadro-External-Graphics

You could also try to go the eGPU route through using thunderbolt and an external eGPU enclosure. It seems some people managed to make it work with a macbook pro.