Numpy Tutorial

I am a Machine Learning Instructor at Datalorelabs. We have put together a Numpy tutorial for our students. It is in html format. Discourse does not allow html files. So you have to download it and open locally in a browser. I hope it helps.

Numpy Basics (html):

I am uploading a pdf file as well but this pdf looks ugly.
NumPy_Basics.pdf (218.0 KB)

Update: GitHub link to Jupyter Notebook (Thanks to James Dietle)


Thank you!!!

this is good too

also from the course literature, there will be heavy use of pandas so this is also a good learning resource


This looks pretty good - maybe a good exercise is to try putting this into Jupyter Notebook format? That way you can host it directly on github and let people view it there, and you’ll also be able to intermingle the commands and output better.


Hey Vikram,

I translated it over to Jupyter for you and put it on Github.




Here is a YouTube video that seems to do an OK job getting one through some basic numpy.

This is part of a broader Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) Python Boot Camp.
This series begins very basics and has 11 - 12 hours or content

I think we are being encouraged to “Dive into the deep end of the pool”, and come back to stuff like this when we want to “swim” more efficiently.


Well… I’d say we expect a reasonable understanding of how to use numpy - although you can get that understanding as you go by studying the methods we use in the course, as we use them. But numpy is one particular area that some study up-front is possibly a good idea.


Hi @vikram thanks for putting this together, it is great.
@mindtrinket thanks for translating for github, however it seems the url changed, “…/master/Tutorials/NumpyTutorial.ipynb2” .
perhaps you guys may update the link in this post, since it is very useful for present and future cohorts.

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For a quick overview and summary see numpy cheat sheet

Sorry, not sure why the link broke.

Glad for the reminder about this - I’ll add it to the FAQ.

thanks for the link, I found the lecture really useful.

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I also wanted to say thanks for this link! The lecture series has some great content on using python for data science more generally as well as just numpy.


Hi @vikram, Thank you for the tutorial. Its really helping a newbie like me to get familiar with Numpy.
Could you please update the Github link to

Thanks @mindtrinket for translating it to jupyter.

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