Notebook partially rendered when cells include #export


I have detected a possible issue and I don’t see warnings in fastpages documentation.

I am a huge fan of used by fastai team to run notebooks into python librairies.
So in my notebooks I have from time to time some #export at beginning of cells.

I have noticed that when it happens, blog entries are not properly created: an entry is made into the front page:


(and the entry is not following yaml, it is then just based on the notebook name)
And when you click on this blog entry, the page is empty.

To fix it I have just had to delete #export

Is there a smart way to detect these rendering issues. I have no local installation of fastpages so I rely on github actions. In that case there was no errors in logs. But maybe there is a way to get verbose version of logs?

Thanks for your advices.


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It’s already buliding with a verbose flag

You might not see any errors until you serve the site, so debugging locally may be necessary.