Not able to set -Linux Subsystem on Windows 7

Hello all,

I am not able to set Windows Subsystem for Linux and according to a thread its supported only in windows 10.

Whats the work around in this case ?


Just go through the URL. Please give it a try if Cygwin works for you as you have win 7. The doc says sfor win 8 it will work.

Thanks…will check with cygwin

Can you try dual booting?

Thanks all for the replies.

I have installed Cygwin.

Will Cygwin act as my ubuntu subsystem ?

I have Anaconda and Python 3.5 installed in windows. Do I need to install Python 3.6 and Anaconda again through Cygwin as shown in the workshop video?

I am a bit confused about this.



Got the answer in the workshop video…

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