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I see that (fastai lib) is being consistently cared for, but (courses) has been neglected since January. Any reason why this is considered unimportant?

There are multiple opened issues and a large back up of pull requests - many of which are simple fixes for typos, and improvements to the notebooks. While clearly the library is the important thing, improving the course notebooks makes it better for those of us who are just joining the process.

Additionally, is there a wiki page that instructs us how to contribute to course notebooks (via issues, pull requests, format, etc.). I have sent several fixes through the forum and nobody picked them up. I then created github issues (initially in the wrong place, now moved to where they belong), same result. This is not very encouraging to improve things.

It’d be nice to have a wiki page with instructions, which could say:

  • for fastai library submit fixes and improvements following these instructions …
  • for fastai courses we currently accept no improvements, so please don’t send any

Thank you.

p.s. if your answer is - why don’t you do it - I’d be happy to once I become more acquainted with this domain/space, I’m still figuring it out.


You are doing good (imho) in raising such matters, but Jeremy Howards, the head of fastai, is having a personal situation, so I imagine he cannot cope with all issues/PRs.

As for the issues, I myself submitted an issue recently, to which J. just responded after a week or so, but responded, none the less.

If you want to contribute a good starting point could be the Medium post by Alessa Bandrabur (google for it).

Note: if you are curious about my issue, I was complaining about a contribution of mine. As a matter of fact, it seems that someone else stole my code.

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Thank you for your comments, Andrea!

And I found the article you were referring to:

I wish you resolve your issue! Until now I have been lucky to be able to give away all of my code so this has never been an issue for me.

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That is the past version of the course. Note that there is also which is the latest version of the notebooks.

Thank you, yinterian! That’s very helpful!

Hmm, this is where I first posted the reports - after they were ignored for a few weeks I started looking and found that other courses under fastai, so I thought that it was the right place.

I moved the issues back to

Would it make sense to separate fastai library issues from notebook issues?

Also is there a way to make it easier for users to find which ‘issues’ to go to? in particular not to submit to the wrong ‘issues’ sub-repository?