No such file or directory

Hi.I wanted to download dataset from lesson 1.When I was doing it for the first time I had no problem,but now I got error “no such file o directory” when i want to use PATH = ‘data/dogscats/’.

My full path looks like that : ‘C:\Users\tomas\fastai\courses\dl1\data\dogscats’.
When I am wiriting ‘os.listdir(‘data/dogscats/’)’ the response is ‘[‘valid’, ‘train’, ‘models’, ‘tmp’, ‘test’]’,but when I checking it further by ‘os.listdir(f’{PATH}valid’)’ Im getting error ‘No such file or directory’: ‘data/dogscats/valid/cats’,I dont know whats going on,because I got this directory ->
I have no idea what’s the problem.

Probably is because the repository don’t have the dataset already, you have to download. You can find the official dogscats dataset here.

One of the easiest ways of to do this is open a code cell in the notebook and run this commands:

!mkdir data
!mv dogscats data

Run the cell with this lines of code in your notebook and everything will run.

Ps: Don’t forget to already have installed unzip library.

Hi.Thanks for Your respone.Do i need linux to do it?

You’re running the jupyter notebook in your Windows 10 Powershell or the Linux Subsystem shell?

In Windows :slight_smile: