No such file or directory: 'models/bestmodel.pth'

Why do i get this weird error. I am starting train from beginning with pretrain=False

Can you post your error in the context of your code here? That will make it easier to help you out with this.

I’ve been getting a similar error with SaveModelCallback. Often, before the first epoch is complete, there is an error stating that the file, in the original poster’s case <path>/models/bestmodel.pth does not exist.

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '<path>/models/stage-1-bestmodel.pth'

Hope this help clarify!

Are you sure that the full path is correct and actually does exist?
Sometimes the initial part of the path is problematic if you’re note careful enough.

Try typing in %debug in a cell after the error and print the full value of the path if the traceback already doesn’t show it.
Also, could you share the full error traceback here along with the code that caused it? It’s very hard to debug an error by just looking at one line and not the code that caused it.