No such file or directory: 'data/planet/tmp/83 RESOLVED

Using Paperspace. I’m blocked by a FileNotFoundError error when I try to set a variable data = data.resize(int(sz*1.3), 'tmp’). The exception is No such file or directory: data/planet/tmp/83

When I check with the console I do see tmp in the data directory. If I do file tmp I get the message that tmp is a broken symbolic link to /cache/planet/tmp

To try to resolve this I deleted the link with sudo rm tmp and verified that it was removed. I then tried to recreate it from the workbook with !ln -s /cache/planet/tmp {PATH}. Checked the data directory and tmp was listed again, but it still showed as a broken symlink.

Came to the conclusion that the cache directory hadn’t been set up so I tried running the following from both the workbook and the Python interpreter on the console: >>> os.makedirs('/cache/planet/tmp', exist_ok=True) The result in both cases was PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/cache'

UPDATE: In the end this was simply a case of confusion between Crestle (which I don’t use) and AWS/Paperspace (both of which I do use). Was able to resolve it once I fiddled with the code while comparing it to my setups for the dogs vs cats and dog breeds notebooks.