No matching distribution found for torch >=1.0.0

Hi all,

I’m trying to implement a nodejs-python image classifier from lesson 2 where i saw this medium post.

I’m trying to install the 2nd part from this github link (,

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

where i encountered the following error:

Anyone has any idea to solve this?

this is from before the official release of pytorch and tries to pull a nightly build, even on windows today you can simply install pytorch 1.0 regularly via pip or conda. The code might still not work though, as the requierements does not specify a fastai version and there have been numerous breaking changes in the lib since this was released.

Hi @marcmuc, thanks!

Do you have any links to build a image classifier on nodejs or anywhere I can do a REST API to validate images?

search for „productionizing“ , „flask“, „starlette“ or web app, there are many examples here on the Forum, entire threads about it:


I had similar problem. The solution for your case is most probable to run the following line:

pip install --upgrade torch

This should install the latest and remove the current version you have, and eliminate the error.
From your image as I see you may upgrade pip:

python -m pip install --upgrade pip


A fresh reinstall would help

conda install -c pytorch -c fastai fastai

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