No internet connection

"No internet connection. "

So been googling this all night. There are no kaggle pages that look like the ones on the "fix ‘No Internet Connection’ " blog posts and third party help pages. Has kaggle had a site-prettify project and removed these pages?

Is is a setting that does not matter any more? How do you make it work? I can not find the web page on kaggle with the setting. Just not there, does not even look the same. Any comments?

trying this on my local machine I struggled with duckduckgo_search not found. I worked through about 6-7 different ‘solutions’ no luck.

Shut the local server down, moved it to a new directory, fired in up, passes that bit, now stuck on ‘ddg_images’ deprecated use DDGS().images() generator.

Is this notebook a bit old/ out of date?

Is there a new starter trouble shooting faq? I can only find really simple / overly general or highly advanced material on kaggle.

Regarding your original post----not sure if this is what you are referring to, but on Kaggle you can click the small “Expand Sidebar” arrow at the bottom:

and then under “Notebook Options” make sure that the “Internet on” switch is to the right.

Oh so embarrassing, I spent ages looking for that. :sweat_smile:

All the help and online blogs say ‘upper left corner’.


I will have another go.


Thanks for replying, that got around the internet problem.

I had lots of duckduckgo_search unknown or deprecated error, with suggestion to use DDGS().search instead.

Googling I could not find anything like pip install DDGS, but I could find the pip page for duckduckgo_search. The forum had lots of reference to using bing, or rate limiting from duckduckgo, but none of these were the problem.

Eventually the forum had a post from a Kaggle user with a working notebook that worked on my home server and for me on Kaggle.

Thanks to Tandaradie.

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