No badges and post URLs look funky (they are using categories)

So I have this at the top of my jupyter notebook …

# Cross Entropy Loss and You!
> Meet multi-classification's favorite loss function

- toc: true 
- badges: true
- comments: true
- image: images/articles/understanding-cross-entropy-loss-logo.png
- categories: [loss functions, multi-classification]

But a few things things look wonky once I upload it to my repo.

1. The URL to the post comes back as this:

It’s using the “categories” which doesn’t look right.

2. None of the badges show up

Just updated to the very latest so not sure if I’m missing something in the config yml file or what.

Any ideas???

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Btw, posted the article here:

(notebook is here:

After removing the - categories, it processed the URL as expected (at least I think that is what its supposed to be).

Still can’t figure out how to get the badges showing up.

You can set a permalink if you don’t like the autogenerated url

  • Did you get any build errors or are there any errors in the developer console when previewing this locally?

Negative. No build errors.

As w/r/t the URL, I don’t have a problem with the generated URL … only that it changes if I add categories/tags to it.

With - categories its:

and with out its:

I would expect it would be the later regardless of whether the post is associated to categories or not. That’s what is throwing me off (in addition to the badges not showing)

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Figured out the badges part … they weren’t in my config.yml file:

# This specifies what badges are turned on by default for notebook posts.
  github: true
  binder: true
  colab: true

Still unsure about the auto-generated url

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Ah … I didn’t know I could customize this globally. Thanks! All looks good now.

i’ve just come up against this too.

jekylls default is nasty, 1) because it doesn’t sluggify the categories (you can use :slugified_categories if you want them) but mainly 2) because they shouldn’t be there anyway.

if you edit the tags on a post later it breaks the url. if you decided later on to refactor the tags for your entire site you’d be breaking most of your urls.

permalink: /:year/:month/:day/:slug/ or
permalink: /:year/:month/:day/:slug:output_ext

would be better but if you were to change that in fastpages/master would that push it out to the existing sites? (because obviously that would break their urls).

@hamelsmu? A change to the template repo doesn’t get pushed out to the children, correct?

It doesn’t get pushed, but there is a mechanism to pull. See “Upgrading Fastpages” in the README :slight_smile:

Also if you want to cleanup your URL use a permalink