NLP with Transformers Online Study Group: Fridays at 2300 UTC (4pm Pacific)

Finish one of the fastai 2022 courses and are pondering what to study next? Want to learn how ChatGPT and modern NLP models work? The longest running, continuous fastai online study group will be working through the NLP with Transformers book over the next ~12 weeks, meeting every Friday at 2300 UTC (4pm Pacific).

Our study group is coordinated through the fastai discord in the #cluster-of-stars text channel and meets Fridays in #fastai-study-groups voice channel.

The only prerequisite is that you’ve taken an introductory machine learning course, such as fastai 2022 part 1 or similar, and/or are familiar with the basics of deep learning and training neural networks.

Hope to see you there.


This sounds like a great idea. I really really want to gain a much better understanding of transformers.

We will be covering Chapter 2 this week upcoming week (April 28th). Look forward to seeing you there.


I am interested in joining the lessons.

Do you usually have some form of calendar reminders?

Interested in this as I am currently doing a deep dive in NLP in between part 1 of the 2022 course and part 2. Thanks for organizing this!

We have a discord role which we use for reminders.

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Would this be the first meeting ? How different is this github repo from the content of the entire book, wondering if I can get started while the book ships.

This will be our second meeting. We covered Chapter 1 last week. I believe you can read the first two chapters on Google Books or via O’Reilly free trial.