NLP or computer vision

This is a career question. I have seen that many deep learning roles are generally of two types based on the application they perform: Computer vision or Natural Language Processing(NLP). Which field will be more popular and have more impact in the future, NLP or computer vision? WIll there be roles any time in the future which combine both the two?

  1. People are bad at predicting the future so make some predictions but know that there is a lot of uncertainty. Don’t base your career decision only on what you think (now) will have a better future.

  2. Get good at deep learning in general. Then you can do both. There might be different processing steps and different layers but the general deep learning concepts apply to both.

  3. If you have the choice, do what you enjoy more.


Can’t tell you about the future. But right now there are more jobs in NLP than CV. Text data is easier to get, found in abundance in many shape and form. And that makes it easier for companies to leverage NLP for various tasks.

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Not sure how far out you’re planning, but if you’re thinking ahead more than a couple of years, then I’d bet on biology-related tech.