NLP inference worsens after loading saved model

In Chapter 10, we fine-tune a language model on the IMDB dataset. However, since training the model for 11 epochs takes a fair bit of time, I decided to train the model on a faster, more expensive NB server. Ran inference on it using learn.predict and the outputs look great.

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Then I saved the model using and downloaded it to my usual free instance. However, now when I initialise my learner and load the model in the new instance and execute learn.predict, the outputs aren’t good at all and also full of \n predictions:

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I guess I’m losing something here when I am loading my saved model into a fresh learner. What can I do (either during saving or loading) so that I can bring my learner back to the state immediately after training where the predictions were good?

Edit: Should I use fine_tune the model for an epoch? Or maybe freeze followed by fit_one_cycle for one epoch?


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