NLP: Can't even fit training data

Hey guys, I’m tackling an NLP task and I’m having problems improving my model. It’s a text classification task and I’m of course using ULMFiT techniques to train my model. Thing is, I can’t even fit training data properly, let alone have a good enough model for my task. What do you guys reckon I should be doing?

I’ve tried using both LSTMs and QRNNs with no sucess without sucess.

I’ve considered the fact that I might be using a learning rate that’s too small but this is the graph I’m getting with lr_finder and I’ve tried everything from 1e-7 to 1e-2. Anything past that just gets the model to diverge (or should I try it out for a few epochs?)


My model plateaus at a loss of 0.65, not that below of what the lr_finder function achieved which is pretty worrying.

Using various data cleaning methods the most I’ve achieved is 69% accuracy while other people have achieved ~80% accuracy.

Any pointers or help? Thanks!

Hard to tell without seeing your model or data and the steps taken, but not being able to fit training data sounds like it could be too much regularisation. Have you tried playing around with your dropout and weight decay parameters? Also, is your loss function suitable?

It’s a text classification task using tweets as input data. Pretty unclean data, too. I actually finally managed to fit the training data somewhat better last night which was huge. Getting it to overfit just a little bit was a breath of fresh air, that’s how desperate I was.

I also found out I was measuring accuracy wrong. After I corrected that I got a lot closer to SOTA results. Will update the thread as I keep tuning the model and (hopefully) pass current SOTA accuracy.