NIPS Paper Implementation Challenge

Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) is one of the most prestigious AI research conferences in the world. Since most of the recent papers don’t have open-source implementations, they launched a challenge to incentive people to create and make implementations available for the rest of the world.

Link for the challenge: NIPS Paper Implementation Challenge

It would be really nice if we could gather a couple of interested people to team up and implement some papers! They also give access to GPUs and mentorship =)


What is the actual challenge? I don’t see what the actual challenge is. Do you just make your own challenge for this and write a paper on it?

The challenge is just to create open-source, well documented code for an accepted NIPS paper, replicating the results of the paper.

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I would be interested in participating in this! Looks like a great initiative :slight_smile:

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@harveyslash just did a cool implementation. He isn’t in v2 of this but he would probably be interested if you aren’t trying to limit it to just v2 students. I am also interested.

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I would love to participate as well! :slight_smile:

You’re right, let me change this from p1v2 to Applications

PS: deadline is Jan 31, 2018

Thanks @KevinB for showing this thread.

short bio :

I am seriously looking for mentorship , and have decent experience with deep learning/coding.
Have finished part 1 and part 2.

I also blog at

If you want to use my implementation , work on it, improve etc, Ill be more than happy to collaborate.

If there is another paper (I know another paper that uses Patchmatch , very new, very awesome, we can work on that)
if possible, include my name also :slight_smile:


Sounds great… I am in for participating!

This is a fantastic opportunity, though it seems there is stiff competition

Thanks for your interest in implementing a NIPS paper! Could you tell us a little about models you have built before, including Github links if any? (This helps with your application as we are getting an overwhelming response from participants around the world!)

If anybody wants to collaborate with me, say so.

I will apply myself if nobody responds within 2 or 3 days.


Consider me @harveyslash

I will sync with you offline.

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I am very interested.

Is the list of papers accepted by NIPS available somewhere so we can form groups based on topic of interest?

This seems to be the list of accepted papers -

I tried to search for it, but it seems it will get decided only once you are accepted

Ok there you go. I was searching in the applications portal.


I am very interested about this too!

I’m interested in contributing.

I am currently doing v2 part-1 and I can bring good amount of GPU resources and commitment from my end. Let me know how do I join your team.

EDIT: Submitted the application, fingers crossed ! :slight_smile: