Newsletters for AI, Deep Learning, Neural Networks and Machine Learning

Keeping abreast of the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Neural Networks and Machine Learning is a process of continuous education, ideally requiring regular commitments of time dedicated to this purpose.

This topic is for sharing newsletters, review articles and other resources that disseminate information useful for keeping current in this field.

Please include a brief, informative description of the resource, to help the reader gauge whether it will be useful to them.

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TOPBOTS is a weekly newsletter put together by Mariya Yao, slanted towards industry applications of AI. Features informative articles on AI as well as comprehensive reviews of collections of key papers in a selected area of AI. Most recent review is “We Summarized 14 NLP Research Breakthroughs You Can Apply To Your Business”

Import AI is a weekly newsletter written by Jack Clark (Strategy and Communications Director at OpenAI). It contains latest topics regarding machine learning, deep learning and papers in the related fields. He also explains the importance the of the topic after covering the headline. Tech tales with different topics related to AI is a very interesting read in every edition.

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Maybe have a look at It’s not really a newsletter but a quick and fun implementation of the daily news headlines in the field of AI. Great for skimming through while on a commute or so :wink:

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