Newbie set up issues with the Python library: fastai

I have set up a new subdirectory in Crestle (/home/nbuser/Grant) to rebuild the code to train the CNN from Lesson 1.

When I ran this line: from fastai.imports import *
I encountered an error.

How do I reference the fastai library to ensure that I can actually import the library?

What’s your folder structure like? Can you provide some details regarding this?

Assuming fastai is in /home/nbuser/, you can create a sym link like so:

ln -s ../fastai/ ./ to access fastai in your folder /home/nbuser/Grant.

You shoudn’t need to do anything - Crestle is all set up by default in courses/fastai2. If you have an older account that doesn’t have this folder, follow the Crestle section here to get it: Lesson 2 In-Class Discussion

The steps @A_TF57 posted are a more advanced step for custom situations, that you shouldn’t need to worry about at this point.

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OK, thanks