New quarto version. what's new?


I have just seen that a quarto update is available (1.1.189 to 1.2.269).
Do you know what is the content of this new version.
I have seen a warning when running build-deploy / Render and publish in gh actions:

WARNING: One or more extensions have been built in to Quarto. Please use the following command to remove the unneeded extension:
quarto remove extension quarto-ext/video

suggesting we don’t need to install this extension anymore.
Would be curious to know other impacts if any.

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You can view the release notes here: Quarto - Download Quarto

Mainly bug fixes with some QOL improvements and a few new things here and there.

The main fix I know on my end is before it couldn’t render Jupyter widgets well when mixing in their mermaid integration (see Interesting breaking behavior when combining mermaid with fastprogress · Issue #1171 · fastai/nbdev · GitHub) so now they’re rendered separately, which is a very nice

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I have seen an other benefit from this version (thanks @ForBo7 for pointing to changelog)
This fix

Correct handling of multiple attachments in Jupyter Notebook classic

allows to have proper inline images when using jupyter notebook.
When you copy paste images in a markdown cell in jupyter notebook, you will see something as
The same operation within jupyter lab will get you ![image.png](attachment:71a4fc95-5776-4180-ae3a-b815bbf1b7a0.png)
In jupyter lab you have an unique identifier for this copy/paste. If you have only 1 inline image in your entire notebook, you’re good with it. Otherwise after quarto you will have all images replaced by the last one.

With this version of quarto, a unique identifier is added to images:

Problem solved!

It is why I used jupyter lab in the 1st place instead of jupyter notebook. I can now get back to jupyter notebook.

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