New pytorch library extension for geometric deep learning

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I just saw this and found it fascinating. I haven’t read all the literature yet or run all the tests, but I thought I’d drop it here in case someone is interested.

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Excellent. I hope future courses wade into the graph convolutional space. This seems like an under-explored area for deep learning on structured data.

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I’ll just keep this thread for things related to geometric learning and graph networks. This pyTorch implementation is also pretty promising:
Paper can be found here:


This Website Seems to collect all the resources related to geometric deep learning at one place. Check them out if you would like to explore more.

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Geometric DL sounds intriguing, thanks for the links!

Have you already used it? If yes, on what kind of data?

Hello Gabriel,

Did you try the pytorch geometric deep learning library?

I am finding it really difficult to work with my own LAS lidar files, could you please share some lights on this.