New parallel docs renderer

I just pushed to master a new parallel docs renderer. With this, you no longer need ipnb-filters in _quarto.yml. Instead, nbdev runs its own filters in parallel, and caches the results in a folder called _proc in the same directory as your nbs.

I haven’t made nbdev_preview work yet – for now you have to run nbdev_proc_nbs after you edit a notebook in order for the preview to see the changes. I’ll be working on that next.

Please let me know how this new approach works for you!

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i’m a bit confused. does this mean this changes immediately for all? I’m asking because nbdev_proc_nbs is not mentioned in the current tutorial.

Also, with nbdev 2.2.10 I currently get a weird output from show_doc in JLab:


Yes will have to update the docs! This is a bit of a new change so we are waiting for it to settle.

That is perfectly ok. That is special markup that Quarto is using to display a link to the source code. Now that you bring it up this could be something we change (but not sure). cc: @jeremy @seem


No - “pushed to master” means that it’s only in git. It’s not in a release yet.

This is an issue we’ve been mulling over for a while now: Jupyter doesn’t know how to render Quarto syntax. I think it would be a big improvement if we could somehow extend Jupyter to support that

As a workaround, we could conditionally exclude it if in a notebook, but I don’t know if that’s worth doing. It’s not that bad that they show up IMO once you get used to it

Another workaround would be to use HTML everywhere directly

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