New Kaggle competition: Human Protein Atlas Image Classification

Hi all, there is a new kaggle competition out touching the core of my daily work: It is about building a multi-label classifier for 28 classes of confocal microscopic images. The images have been taken from the Human Protein Atlas created by Emma Lundberg et al.

Emma has got a paper out in Nature Biotechnology this August describing an ealier effort on classifying these images, in part with labels crowdsourced to players of the MMO game EVE Online. It is a pretty good read.

See the press release
on the paper by Stanford University

Make sure to check out the paper and the competition.

Disclosure: I am working for the main sponsor of this competition.

EDIT: Added link to paper


nice! Now to decide whether to attempt this or the restarted Airbus comp. Double kaggling isn’t for the faint of heart.

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Someone interested to team up, I am using fastai V1.

Interested if still available.

I am.

I just started this and was trying to replicate Vitaly’s Pretrained InceptionResNetV2 base classifier . . .

I’m getting hung up on an error:

Has anyone come across this? Is it corrupt images, maybe?

Thanks in advance!