New forum categories

As you’ll see, I’ve removed the ‘uncategorized’ category, and created some new categories:

  • Theory
  • Applications
  • Alumni

You can see their descriptions by visiting, or looking at the ‘about’ post in each category. Please help the community to keep information easy to find by putting your new topics in the appropriate category! If you think we’re missing anything important, let us know.

The default view shows all posts from all categories.

@jeremy Perhaps a category to encompass the readings (to me a prime component ) of the part 2 course. Many outside of the in person course may have issues reading and understanding the papers suggested and don’t have the benefit of close colleagues to confide with.

I’d suggest using the part 2 category for that.

Can I suggest a “commercial/marketplace” category? I’ve noticed several posts about people offering paid services (like alternatives to AWS). This can be interesting, of course, but it might be more appropriate if these type of posts are separated from discussions about the lessons or theory.

Not 100% related, but I think it would be really helpful to have subcategories within Part 2 specifically as there are multiple links associated with a given lecture (i.e. in-class, wiki, assignments, discussion).

I would think the following structure could be helpful:

  • Within Part 2, sticky a subcategory for each lesson
  • Within each lesson, sticky the discussion, wiki, assignments, and possibly in-class to the top
  • all general questions regarding a specific lesson belong in the lesson sub category and will appear below the stickies.
  • all general part 2 discussion can occur in the part 2 category and would appear below the sticked sub-categories

For all I know, Discuss may not even have this functionality, but I thought I’d bring up the suggestion so as to have all resources in one place per lesson.