New Features for fastpages: tags & show descriptions

We now have a tags page in fastpages. You can specify tags like this in markdown

title: my title
categories: [fastpages, jupyter]

Or in Jupyter

# Title
> Awesome summary
- toc: true
- categories: [fastpages, jupyter]

You can choose whether or not to show tags in your posts in your _config.yml file

# Set this to true to display tags on each post
show_tags: true

The New Tags Page

The New ( Optional) Way linkable tags will be displayed in your posts:

Show Descriptions the homepage

You can now show descriptions for all your blog posts (and I also prettified the home page a bit)

This can be toggled on/off in _config.yml

# Set this to true to display the summary of your blog post under your title on the Home page.
show_description: true

More Information:

  • You can see these new features here:
  • To upgrade, you will have to create a new template and copy all of your posts over.


cc: @jeremy