Neural style transfer with PyTorch fix

An error message arise after

vgg = models.vgg.vgg16()

KeyError: ‘unexpected key “classifier.1.weight” in state_dict’

I found a solution at A cell with the following code needs to be added:

sd = torch.load(file)
sd['classifier.0.weight'] = sd['classifier.1.weight']
sd['classifier.0.bias'] = sd['classifier.1.bias']
del sd['classifier.1.weight']
del sd['classifier.1.bias']

sd['classifier.3.weight'] = sd['classifier.4.weight']
sd['classifier.3.bias'] = sd['classifier.4.bias']
del sd['classifier.4.weight']
del sd['classifier.4.bias']


vgg = models.vgg.vgg16()
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Thanks! I just ran into the same issue, your post solved it.