Neptune integration no longer working. Did the callback order change?

I recently moved from 2.0.x to 2.2.5 and the neptune callbacks now fail with:
“ModuleAttributeError: ‘Sequential’ object has no attribute ‘smooth_loss’”

it happens when the neptune callback tries to get “learn.smooth_loss”, ( it seem that this attribute does not exist at the time of the callback. But if I run the whole training without the neptune callback then the learn.smooth_loss is defined. Therefor I was suspecting that maybe the callback sequence changed.


See here:

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thanks. Should I file a bug similar to this one?

Hey @petercnudde,

Prince Canuma here, a Data Scientist at,

The first Neptune integration was an amazing community effort but last year with the release of the new neptune-client we updated and migrated the Neptune-fastai integration to our repo. You can read more in our docs guide:

And install it via pip:
pip install neptune-fastai