Need help with Rotated Images

My train dataset contains images with labels mentioning whether the images are rotated left or rotated right or upright or upside down. My test set has no labels, I need to rotate all my test images upright. How do I go about this?

so you have to predict which way the test image is rotated from the trained model and then actually rotate it?

@joedockrill yes so I am predicting the labels on test images right now. So I would get what image is upside down or rotated left or rotated right, etc.

How do I rotate it once I have the predictions. As in, if the image is rotated left, I need to rotate it right. If it is upside down, I need to rotate it to make it upright.

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@joedockrill Okay but can you elaborate on how do I do that using the labels on the whole dataset?

Okay I understood, thank you !