Need help with implementing gpt-2 from scratch

Hi all, I have been meaning to understand how the gpt-2 model is implemented in PyTorch from scratch.

So far, I understand the paper very well, and the theory behind how the model works - Transformers, Decoder only block with 12 layers etc.

However, I have been looking at the source code of the model in gpt-2 library, and hugging face implementation, and need help with understanding the source code.

I was wondering if somebody else is interested in this, and we could together write an article similar to the annotated transformer to make it easy for everyone else in the future who wishes to understand the source code and implementation of the model.

Was wondering if anybody else is keen? I am happy to provide insights about the model, theory, working etc and understand it well but really need help grasping the source code.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Here is another excellent post explaining how the model works.

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FYI Pytorch pretty much has all the bundle blocks here :slight_smile:

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Hey @arora_aman how’s the blog going. I’ve recently started with transformers and I’m really interested in this building it from scratch using the pytorch modules as well. Would love to collaborate if you’re still interested

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Thanks @averma, I am very close to rewriting the whole GPT-2 in pure pytorch. In fact, I have rewritten the whole model, but I am just in a process of trying to reuse the pretrained weights provided by Hugging Face.

Also, in process of writing a script to train the model. I believe the blog post wouldn’t be complete without a detailed explanation of the model training.

Once these two are complete, I will have to write the blog post which should take another day.

So in total I am hoping to release the blog post by the end of this week which should (all in code+theory) explain:

  • GPT-2 model architecture
  • Attention
  • Multi head attention
  • Text Dataset Creation
  • Training
  • Loss function

My aim is to write a blog post that is complete and is able to provide a complete explanation of everything that goes inside a GPT-2 model.

The training part should also automatically cover finetuning. Because, once we load the pretrained weights, any training on top is essentially fine-tuning the model.

I am very excited and very close to finishing after struggling for more than 4 weeks.


Reusing pretrained weights is now complete! I only use the tokenizer from Hugging Face, but the whole model was created from scratch.

This is the entirety of the model code:

Next step, fine tuning the model :slight_smile:

Finally the model is starting to work. Nothing in deep learning works until it just does.

Hey awesome work man. It makes sense to use the tokenizer from Huggingface. That way you can focus on the model more. Looking forward to it.

The blog post is now live at :slight_smile: