Need a Hardware Requirements for Deep Learning

Hello All,
I am a Beginner of Deep Learning. I have had a hands-on experience on Machine Learning. Now I am gonna do some project on Deep Learning based Object Detection using CNN model. For that I need a decent PC with GPU in a Budget Price. What are the minimum requirements for a GPU and CPU?. I can only buy NVIDIA GTX 1050 (4 GB) or 1060 (6 GB).
For decent speed, what CPU specifications do I need ?
What type of data sets we can use with Single GPU?
Suggest a Hardware for object detection based project and what are the limitations on those?

In the first Deep learning lessons they discuss cloud based machines that can be used to save people from having to buy expensive hardware that quickly gets outdated. Check out lecture one of the deep learning course on setting up a paper space account as this is probably the quickest way to get into learning.


If you or anyone wants to participate/assist in the building of an AI/DL/ML farm in return for free compute power, please contact me.

We’re building a new facility to house a GPU (1080ti/2080ti/RTX) private compute farm and need it testing as we go along.

We have 1 node up and available right now with 2 x 1080ti’s onboard. It’s on 100mbit up and down with 32GB Ram…for starters!

Send me a message and I’ll get back to you very soon.

Looking forward to hearing from you.