NC6 Standard option greyed out-Microsoft Azure-MSDN Professional

Hello everyone,
I have a question with regards to configuring Azure for Deep Learning( I have 50$ credit since I use MSDN Professional. I however see the NC6 Standard option greyed out.

My questions are:
Do we need an MSDN enterprise edition for using Azure?

I will in the meantime search the forums.

Ajit Goel

Azure and amazon have subscription limits, and usually, GPU resources are unavailable.
You have to contact support and ask for access.
Also its worth mentioning that 50$ won’t get you very far with an NC VM/

Make sure you have selected HDD as the disk type, as NC VMs do not support other disk types as of now. However, GPU resources are not available using Free Credits and MS Partner Benefits as @mmusket has pointed out.

If u have MSDN enterprise account and of credit 10000INR then contact microsft support

like below

They will get back you.I have faced the issue and contacted the support team and able to solve the issue.

Just correcting myself here. GPU resources are available if you have it enabled through support as @skbisoi points out. Just raise a request and they will help you out.

Also select HDD as the disk type when provisioning NC6.