Nbdev with Paperspace and Github

This can be Topic where tips and questions about how to use nbdev with paperspace and github might be useful.

My first tip is that pip install nbdev DOES NOT WORK in Paperspace terminal.
It pretends to load eveything, but when I try nbdev_export it responds saying there is no such thing as nbdev.

What DOES work:
conda install -c fastai nbdev

Also, conda install -c fastai nbdev must be run every time you re-open paperspace.

My notes for how to re-connect github with nbdev in paperspace when starting a new paperspace GPU(vm) session.

1.Open terminal in the “files” page. You will copy these steps into the terminal. If your not familiar with the terminal definitely check out Jeremy’s live coding session
2. copy .ssh to home: cp -r /notebooks/git/.ssh ~/
1. This would have been added in your first session by following jeremy’s ssh setup HERE

  1. install nbdev again!!!

    1. navigate to your project folder
    2. conda install -c fastai nbdev
    3. nbdev_install_quarto
    4. cd [your-project-name]
    5. nbdev_install_hooks
  2. Do work in notebooks or test it by just adding some markdown in an nb.

    1. nbdev_prepare
    2. git add .
    3. git commit -m’blah’
    4. git push
  3. check your git repository. click on the “Actions” tab and check to make sure all actions have a green checkmark

NOTE: remember to use git in the correct directory

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pip install --user works for me