[nbdev] No gemfile while building docs with nbdev

Hi all,

I wanted to try out nbdev while starting a new project (GitHub - samsja/web2dataset) . I started it from the nbdev template.

I have been following the tutorial nbdev tutorial | nbdev

I can build the lib and the docs and the test pass.

Things start not to work anymore when I try to serve the docs locally.

Bundler and Jekyll are installed on my computers.

Once in the docs folder I failed to do

bundle install
-> Could not locate Gemfile

indeed there is no Gemfile in my docs

ls docs                                                                                                                                                                            
_config.yml  _data  core.html  docs  images  index.html  sidebar.json

Should not this Gemfile be generated automatically ? Otherwise should I just copy it from the fastai repo ?

I would say it is either a bug or something is missing from the nbdev template. Am I right ?

if you started with the github template, you should have a Gemfile, as it’s there: nbdev_template/docs at master · fastai/nbdev_template · GitHub

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@michaelaye just going to borrow this thread since I don’t have permissions to make my own post.

pip install nbdev results in ERROR: Could not build wheels for argon2-cffi-bindings which use PEP 517 and cannot be installed directly on macOS. Conda install succeeds but the command line tools are not there… so not really.

please look at