[nbdev] How to update nbdev in my existing repos?

Say I have created 10 github repositories using nbdev_template. Now an update is made to the nbdev_template (maybe small update, or a security update). How do I update my 10 github repos to use this latest nbdev_template?


Did you figure it out yet? It’s related to my question of how to apply nbdev to an existing repo.

  • nbdev_template is just a template of static files.
    I do not believe that there are any scripts that are included in the template.
    Therefore, the files in the repos do not need to be updated when nbdev is updated

  • nbdev package
    What you may want to upgrade is the nbdev package that is installed on your Conda environment.
    In you conda shell, execute conda list to see what version of nbdev is installed
    You can update it using conda update nbdev

  • To apply it to an existing repo,
    Just copy the files you need from the nbdev_template into the current repo
    Minimally settings.ini is required and configured

Hope this answers your question.