[nbdev] How do I change the name of the pypi package if the name of my project is already taken on pypi?

Hitting this error when I try to upload to pypi:

HTTPError 403 Client Error: The user 'myusername' isn't allowed to upload to project 'myproject'.

Apparently there is already a library on pypi with my project name :frowning:

Mmmm, you can always replace the line name = cfg['lib_name'] in your setup.py.

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Also, is there any way to replace the fastai logo in the created docs with my own?

I think it’s just an image in the docs folder to replace (with the same name).

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I believe you are referring to the favicon that shows up in the browser. you can just replace favicon.ico with another file also named favicon.ico with your desired picture, it has to be of appropriate size etc so try to emulate what is there … there are some png/jpeg to ico converters on the internet

hope that helps

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Yah thanks … just replaced the images and .ico file in there and all looks good.


Just wanted to confirm is it not replace the lib_name in settings.ini instead if you want to change the name of the pypi package