NBDev for closed-source development

Is NBDev meant to be used for software development? — Besides making open-source libraries that is. I want to use its programming style for company work. Looking through the main repo it seems like it’s oriented for fully open-source library work.

Is anyone successfully using NBDev for private or company projects? Is there any interest for NBDev being used in commercial work?

As a slight aside: is NBDev intended to [ever] work without GitHub.com as a central repository? Either locally, a local network, or a company intranet running git?

Testable code in notebooks that auto-generate source code files is very appealing. I’ve been using a stripped-down version of the part-2v3 NBDev code for the #export and some testing functionality.

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It shouldn’t be tied to github AFAIK. If you find something that requires github, let us know and we’ll fix it.

There’s also nothing that particularly ties it to open source work. Should be great to in-house dev I believe, although I don’t have experience with that myself.


Thanks that’s good to hear. I’ll be playing with it more as time goes on – may be a good excuse for a blog post if it works well for me :wink: