NB commands (doc() and ?) do not work in paperspace gradient?

Hi, so I’ve seen advice from Radek on this post sharing about NB commands and tips/tricks, which was really cool. Namely (I quote):

  • doc(…) - show the documentation for a given function or object
  • append/prepend a given function or object with ?? eg ??cnn_learner or cnn_learner?? for documentation
  • Along with doc the ‘??’ Appended or prepended for documentation
  • Shift tab -for the parameter list
  • Hovering over the method name gives you the parameter list too.
  • With doc if you are not seeing a link to the source code you are probably missing nbdev installation

The problem is, while this works on Colab, nothing appears no matter which of the above I do on Paperspace gradient. Neither doc(…) nor ?/?? appended/prepended. Let alone shift-tab nor hover. The only thing that works is help(…).

Is there anyway I can make the above functions work in Paperspace gradient?

Just an update: I figured out why I don’t have it… I was using it inside the PaperSpace Gradient preview, when I should have just opened the Jupyter Lab interface… Case closed.

I am using Paperspace gradient and working within the Jupyter Lab interface, but I still cannot get certain functions to work, such as doc(…):

Does anyone have any suggestions, please?

Fixed…my fault

Think I missed running the following code:

! [ -e /content ] && pip install -Uqq fastbook